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Connecting brands through the power of experience

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An ITCH is a restless
 desire to do something

Our restless desire is to constantly create amazing experiences that make sense in the connected world

We deliver these through multiple channels because we truly believe in the Power of Experience


Our team consists of event producers & content creators led by strategy & inspired by creativity


The way we work allows us to adapt quickly, and we thrive on the opportunity to do so

We build a team around the challenge, not the other way around so we can deliver more efficiently

To support this, we've built

Our Very Own
Innovative Framework

Harnessing the power of our Creative, Strategy, Digital, 
 Video and Live Engagement teams

Enhanced by our network of music and artistic influencers, cultural connectors & renowned story tellers

This means we’re uniquely equipped to deliver culturally relevant ideas for brands

Ideas that connect your brand to audiences through their shared lifestyles and passions and create legions of communities that embrace your story

We know results matter

Thats why we created our own measurement system, to measure campaign impact through engagement awareness and interaction